We helped these clients convey theirs...

We stripped away distractions, simplified complexity, and structured their message. We uncovered the core of their brand and then built on it to create marketing materials that relate, resonate and prompted a response. (Plus, ya gotta admit it's some pretty sweet design work.)

The Who, What and How about us

At some point we hope to meet you. But in the meantime the sections below will give you a glimpse into working with us.

Who We Are Who We Are

We’re people who couldn’t imagine ourselves doing anything else. This is our dream job.

What We Do What We Do

We create insightful and well-designed marketing communications, rooted in sound strategy.

How We Do It How We Do It

We founded Roux on the idea of achieving a perfect, blended balance of the strategic and the creative. That’s been the key to our success.

Visualize. Strategize. Stir!

Blog posts infused with experience, rendered here for your consumption.

How much house do you want?

How much house do you want?

Imagine you wanted to buy a house. What if you called up a realtor and said, “I’d like to buy a house. How much does one cost?”

The realtor would hesitate for a second and then say, “Well, gee, I don’t know.”

Then, to determine whether it’s a bungalow or mansion you’re looking for, the realtor would start asking questions like:

• How many bedrooms?
• What type of neighborhood?
• Move-in ready or a fixer-upper?

At some point, he or she would also ask if you had a budget in mind.

These six Typography Tips will instantly make your documents look better.

These six Typography Tips will instantly make your documents look better.

Business moves fast. You don’t always have the time or budget to have a document professionally typeset. But here are a few simple things you can easily do to make your documents look better.

Getting you to the starting line

Getting you to the starting line

Marketing a business can be a challenge, particularly for smaller businesses and organizations. There’s a lot to consider, and it’s easy for people to get stuck just deciding where to begin.

We recommend creating the brand essentials first. They’re the foundation of everything that follows, and having them gets you to the starting line. Once they’re established you’ll be in a much better position to get up and running with the rest of what you need.

With the right balance of strategic and creative thinking, your marketing efforts can really take off. 

Happy Clients

The University of Akron

Roux Creative has been a terrific partner. They took the time upfront to research our mission, business model and competitors.  They quickly understood our needs and put together a marketing plan which fit our goals perfectly.  The results have exceeded our expectations.  Joe and Michelle are great to work with – they are a model of good client service: always available and always responsive.  We will continue to utilize their services for any new marketing initiatives!

Brian Malloy
Director of UA Solutions
The University of Akron

2nd Beach Strategy

I can’t tell you how thrilled we are to be partnering with Roux Creative! Your team is terrific – responsive, creative and focused on client satisfaction. Joe, we especially liked the thoughtful touch of highlighting the service area each Case Study pertained to – small, but genius! So smart. You make us look great, and for that we are grateful! 

Sheila Miklos
VP of Integrated Marketing
2nd Beach Strategy

Saint Luke’s Foundation

They “get us” and translate that understanding into the work.

They have tremendous internal capacity for creative writing and design,
and have access to a network of talent to call upon for web design, video,
photography, animation and a variety of other mediums. Above all else, they
are dedicated, loyal communications professionals whom I recommend
without reservation.

If you are looking for dynamic, creative solutions to your communications
challenges, look no further than Roux Creative.

Denise San Antonio Zeman
President and CEO
Saint Luke’s Foundation