“Hey, over here. Look at me!”

“Hey, over here. Look at me!”

With nearly 30,000 products screaming for our attention during an average half-hour trip to the supermarket, the retail shelf is probably the most competitive marketing environment there is. Obviously, anything that can create a competitive advantage is crucial, especially packaging.

Because let’s face it, at some point we’ve all chosen one product over another simply because we liked its packaging better. The shape, graphics, colors, messages, and even the type of container all influence our decision to trust and ultimately take a product into our home.

Packaging design – whether for launching a single new product line or revamping an entire brand – is one of Roux Creative’s core areas of expertise. It helps that we recognize the importance of a well-conceived design at both the macro and micro levels: in advancing the overall retail brand strategy while also maximizing “shop-ability” – the ability of a package to convey its information quickly, logically and with minimal effort on the part of the consumer.

One of the first steps in our packaging design process is a trip to the retail location(s) where the product will be sold. (This trip also usually ends with us being asked by store associates to put our cameras away, but hey, whatever it takes, right?)

These excursions help us identify probable or existing shelf locations, note proximity to competing brands, and experience the general shopping environment. They’re an important step toward clarifying goals and positioning (which also includes taking stock of the existing brand equity, determining the targeted consumer, and researching the product’s features and benefits).

It’s only after this legwork has been done that an informed design process can commence. And we’re just as careful with each successive step. It’s how we’re able to create packaging that helps our clients move the sales needle. Because without shelf appeal even a great product can easily get lost in the crowd.