Understanding the characteristics of a quality logo.

Understanding the characteristics of a quality logo.

“What makes a logo good?”

We get asked that a lot. The answer is: lots of things. A successful logo will appear “simple” while fulfilling a number of complex communication functions.

So to answer, here are a few questions we ask ourselves when creating a new logo or evaluating an existing one.

Is it distinctive? Is it unlike others and does it stand out in a crowd?

Is it sophisticated? Is it in good taste and does it demonstrate restraint?

Is it conceptual? Does it display intelligent and unexpected use of imagery and typography?

Is it relevant? Does it clearly relate to the company it represents?

Is it versatile? Is it production-friendly and will it work well across all media?

Is it unified? Are the graphics and typography visually contained?

Is it attractive? Does it display symmetry, balance and proportion?

Is it legible? Is it easy to read from both a typographical and graphical standpoint?

Is it memorable? Is it simple in construction and unique?

Is it enduring? Will it generate positive brand equity and stand the test of time?

A resounding “yes” to each of these means you’ve got a keeper.