Getting you to the starting line

Getting you to the starting line

Marketing a business can be a challenge, particularly for smaller businesses and organizations. There’s a lot to consider, and it’s easy for people to get stuck just deciding where to begin.

We recommend creating the brand essentials first. They’re the foundation of everything that follows, and having them gets you to the starting line. Once they’re established you’ll be in a much better position to get up and running with the rest of what you need.

These are the items we frequently recommend that clients focus on at the outset:

Logo. This will be the visual cornerstone of your brand, so make sure it’s relevant to your product/service. Also make sure it can be reproduced in any medium (from print to polo shirts). You’ll be using it a long time.

Consistent Messaging. Craft a single message, about a paragraph long, that your people can use to quickly explain who you are and what you do. (It sounds easy, but it can be a challenge, especially for companies and organizations with complex products or services.) The tone and content of this “elevator speech” will serve as the foundation of other verbal messages.

Basic Website. Because websites can evolve, your first one doesn’t need to be flashy or intricate, but it does need to be complete, professional looking and well organized. It’s the first place people will go to learn about your business, so make sure its structure allows readers to easily find the information they need.

Website Content. Websites are useless unless they have information to convey. Gathering and/or creating that content – copy, images, video, etc. – takes time, so don’t delay. And depending on how quickly your industry changes, you’ll need to be ready to update that content regularly.

Get these pieces in place and you’ll be positioned to move forward successfully in your future marketing efforts.