Partner &
Creative Director

For over a decade, Joe’s ability to cook up and serve enticing, original visual design has allowed him the opportunity to work with a variety of regional and national brands. Starting his career in advertising as a graphic designer, he quickly grew into a well-seasoned art director. While providing guidance and leadership to clients and his creative team is a notable strength, he’s equally passionate about getting his hands dirty and staying current as a designer and illustrator. As creative director, he brings to the table strategic design solutions that are focused and success-driven.


Partner &
Communications Director

Michelle has deep experience working agency-side as an account supervisor for big-name consumer brands, nonprofits and business-to-business accounts. Additionally, she worked client-side on the education sector as a communications director. Collectively, this creates a diverse outlook on communications and marketing that organizations seek. And it’s her energy, follow-through, and keen business sense that has earned her stars and stripes from clients. As communications director, she collaborates with clients to transform their marketing needs and challenges into clear action plans built on strategy with focused and targeted results.